So the MTV VMA’s came and went. Beyonce shut the award show down with a medley of her latest albums songs. Blu Ivy, Kelly Rowland and Jay-z were all there cheering her on. Face it people, Beyonce is the greatest entertainer alive. She is FLAWLESS.

There is going to be much talk about Beyonce’s remarkable performance, so let me touch on a few other things from the VMA’s that deserve a mention.

Miley Cyrus won an award and instead of accepting the award herself, she let a homeless gentlemen accept the award a give a speech about homelessness in the city of Los Angeles. At first it was weird (because Miley didn’t come on stage) but it got emotional real quick.

Oh and the Anaconda Rapper Nicki Minaj performed with an obvious wardrobe malfunction. She was performing with Ariana Grande and Jessie J. MTV also caught a glimpse of Ariana and her boo Big Sean backstage holding hands. Why is he called Big Sean though? 

And this happened……… Katy Perry and Riff Raff came to the award show together in matching outfits, hot damn! Remember Riff Raff was a contestant on the reality show from G’s to Gent’s. Fonzworth Bentley tried to help this man, but I guess he learned nothing about style and everything about networking. How did these two cross paths, only god knows.

 Overall it was a pretty good show. Good job MTV.


So what happens when you sign up to appear on a naked dating show? Well you study the show when it airs and look and see if any of your private parts are not blurred out. Model Jessie Nizewitz says her vagina was not blurred out when her episode of Dating Naked aired.

She is now suing Vh1 for $10 million smacakaroos. Jessie claims she was dating a guy and after her vagina appeared on national television he has not called  her back. She blames Dating Naked and Vh1.

Vh1 just might settle with her. But I really don’t see how she could win the entire lawsuit. There was obviously some misconduct or fault. The little scene of her hoo-ha was not covered enough. Jessie honey we live in a world where Kim Kardashian became a star because of her sex tape. I am pretty sure you little 2 second vagina being exposed will not ruin your life. I hope not.


You know when you give people an inch, they want to take a mile. I not too long ago reported that the Miss Fancy rapper Iggy Azalea was going to host MTV’s House of Style. I was saying how great of any opportunity this was for and yada yada yada. Now word has it that Iggy is not a pleasure to work with on set. (Actually an MTV source spilled the beans to THR)

During a taping with Jennifer Lopez Iggy came onto the set with attitude. She would not remove her sunglasses and she was a sour puss the whole time the cameras were not on. Meanwhile Jennifer was a straight professional. She was unbothered by Iggy’s foolishness. Jen shook everyone’s hands and smiled during the whole shoot.

Iggy a little word of advice you are one single away from being a has been. When you are given an opportunity, you should act accordingly and leave a good taste in peoples mouths when you leave.


An unarmed Black teen was gunned down in Ferguson, Missouri. As usual the media responds. Depending on what channel you watch, you will get one side of the story. Within in every broadcast one thing remains the same. The images that are chosen to air when a black man or woman is involved in a high profile incident does not reflect who that person is or was.
Mike Brown lied dead in the street, and the world heard Ferguson, Missouri’s cries. When the media aired the story the image on the left was used to represent Mike Brown the recent high school graduate. In the days of social media any picture could have been chosen but the man in a jersey with his fingers up was the ideal image for the media outlets. Now the picture on the right was already on Facebook. Same person, perfectly different feeling you get from each photo.
In light of this tragedy, #IFTHEGUNNEDMEDOWN was created to question how would the media portray you  if you were gunned down. Shortly after this social media revolution started, more details about the Mike Brown slaying have been revealed. This post is not about what Mike Brown did or did not do, this post is about the way the media portrays our slain black men and women. If they gunned you down, which one of your pictures would the news use?


In a Dish Nation interview Towanda Braxton was asked who would win in a fight between the Braxton’s and SWV who would win. She said it’s five of us and three of them and we are real sister. #shade

Braxton Family Values and SWV Reunited both premiered yesterday on the WE Channel.


I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw an interesting post by about Love and Hip Hop NY’s next season. Balleralert reporter Eleven8 reported that Tahiry and Joe Budden have left the show. Their story line was getting dry anyway.

The newcomers to the Love and Hip Hop franchise are……………….

Rapper Chink Santanna and his girlfriend.

Record Exec Cisco Rosa and his new girlfriend. (He briefly dated Jennifer from Basketball Wives.)

Recording Artist J. Dinero, she appeared on last season’s Love and Hip Hop and spoke with Yandy a few times.

I am not impressed by the latest casting. I hope these new folks bring something interesting to the show, or else this just might be Love and Hip Hop NY’s last season. With the oh so dramatic Atlanta version and now the LA version is cooking up, offering drama before it is even aired. Love and Hip Hop NY has to come out strong.