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An Open Letter to Bobby Shmurda


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(although this post has nothing to do with the television industry, it has  a message. Spread the word and support this writer. )

Originally posted on New Culture Vibes:

By Imani Brammer


Dear Bobby Shmurda,

I have danced to your song “Hot Nigga.” It’s on my iPod and I love when it plays. What does this mean? It means that I enjoy a catchy beat, a nice flow and even better, a fun dance to complement it. However, for a while, I didn’t know that you were rapping about murdering people. I was simply lured in by your beat, flow and dance alone. The lyrics were dissonance: mere noise that did not register in my mind. Though mainstream rap is often frowned upon, not all the time am I compelled to listen to politically conscious music like Common and Mos Def (though I adore them both, and also have them on my iPod). Sometimes I want to simply hear a beat, hear some words that flow and dance without digesting or internalizing the lyrics. However one day…

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We were first introduced to K. Michelle on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Now the fiery R&B songstress has now opened up her life and stripped down the barriers. K. Michelle: My Life is the singers new show all about her life. The show is set in NYC and the drama definitley follows her to the Big Apple. Check out the trailer.


K Michelle: My Life premieres November 3rd at 9pm on VH1. 


What happens when you act like a Diva off set, when you are on a show called R&B Diva’s? You just might get fired. SMDH! How do you get fired for doing what you were hired to do? Allegedly R&B Diva Claudette Ortiz was let go from R&B Diva’s for outrageous demands. Blogger Funky Dineva has the inside scoop on everything so here is what he had to say on this matter…….

The word on the curb is that Claudette get let go because she was making extra demands without realizing she was hanging on by a wing and a prayer , and was the most boring cast member on the show.  The Powers that be were somewhat insulted, and told Ortiz and her demands to take a long walk off a short pier. It’s rumored that Claudette was asking for an increased styling allowance and other miscellaneous superficial request. 

What is Claudette going to do? Before this show, she was really a non-factor. Her days with City High have come and gone. We didn’t hear one note coming from her. Although her story line is kind of boring. I was happy to see her on the show, because we always wondered what happened to her. I hope she does not find herself sinking back in the hole, she needs to find a way to stay relevant. Celebrity Apprentice call Claudette for next season, please.