When I was first introduced to the Lil Kim brand I was walking down Jamaica Avenue in Queens NY and I saw a poster of a lady wearing a leopard bra and pantie set while swatting down. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing but I liked it. The words Lil Kim were posted above her head and all I could hear is my momma saying stop looking at that. I had to know who was this Lil Kim and what does she sound like, so when I tricked my mom into giving me money to buy shirt I bought a bootleg Lil Kim cassette tape instead. Once I put the tape in my walkman it was over, I was an instant LiL Kim fan. I have seen her go through many changes in her life and now she is working on claiming her title back. The rap Queen announced her new show as the Black Kardashian. Puffy is back in her life and her new album is in the works. The Queen Bee reality show has not been picked up yet, but I believe that won’t be for long.  Will you be watching.


While working at an elementary school as a media specialist, we did a project called I’ve Got The Blues TV, and our first show was why I left Hip Hop for the Blues. Coincidentally we did an interview with Bessie Smith and Queen Latifah. Two amazing students were acting as the singers of course. Our project was taped in a talk show format and my students asked the artists questions about their careers and why they chose their specific genres of music.  The project was a hit , so when I saw that HBO was actually doing a Bessie Smith biopic with Queen Latifah starring as Bessie Smith I found myself overwhelmed with excitement. I really hope my former students will get a chance to see this biopic one day and remember our project. Unfortunately I can not post the project that I did with my students due to confidentiality agreements, but I can post the trailer to HBO’s new Biopic Bessie. Here it goes. Bessie debuts on May 16, 2015 on HBO.


Oh the wonderful land of television is always full of drama, isn’t it.

The reality gods are scrambling to fill spots on VH1’s Basketball Wives LA. because the star of the show Evelyn Lozada is not interested. The reality star was asked to appear on the show,, but it just wasn’t worth it to Evelyn anymore. She just had a baby and is happy living her off camera. The reality star is engaged to Carl Crawford and they had a beautiful baby boy.


VH1 also cancelled Hollywood Exes. The reality show was really stretching to keep the show interesting. Im mean come on R. Kelly‘s ex wife married a gold digging barber, Jose Canseco‘s ex is a racist who likes to date black men and Prince’s ex wife adopted a baby. Everyone else on the show was clearly on the show for show. Do you feel me? Good riddens to Hollywood Exes, looks like Atlanta Exes may still have some life left.

As if we didn’t see t his coming, post the Zendaya racist hair comment Kelly Osburne has decided to leave the E show Fashion Police. The co-host was not shy about her views on the controversy her co-host Giuliana Rancic created.Rancic said some not so nice things about Kelly’s friend Zendaya’s dreads, she referenced them to weed and a dirty person. Kelly was furious and did not want to be dragged onto Rancic’s stupid comments.

Well Rancic has sinced aplogized and Kelly has quit the show. That show will be cancelled soon. Sadly no one can carry that show like Joan Rivers. I don’t even watch the show anymore since Joan’s demise. Kelly was smart to leave the show.




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NBC’s nighlty news anchor Brian Williams usually reports the news. Recently William’s has become the news. The anchor is in hot water for some tall tales he has told in the past. Now get this, Brian has reportedly stated publicly that while reporting on the Iraq war in 2003, he was on a helicopter that was shot down. However sources are saying William’s reports are all lies. Well you know when one lie is revealed others will start to follow. Apparently  William’s stated that while working on a report in New Orleans‘s during Hurricane Katrina he witnessed a suicide and saw bodies floating near the French Quarter. But sources report that their were no floating bodies in the French Quater and William’s was never present to witness a suicide. William’s later admitted that he did not see a person commit suicide.

Due to all of the latest drama William’s has decided to step down from his anchor chair temporarily.  NBC officials stated that an internal investigation has started  due to the  William’s alleged false reports.

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