What the french toast!? Actress Shannon Guess Richardson has been sentenced to 18 years in prison. Richardson has minor parts in the hit show Walking Dead. It has been determined that Richardson had indeed sent ricin-laced letters to President Obama and former NY Mayor Bloomberg. As if that wasn’t weird enough in the letters there were texts that said…….. You will have to kill me and my family before you get my guns. The right to bear arms is my God given constitutional right.

The actress committed this dumb and dangerous crime in 2013. When she was arrested her husband filed for divorce. Richardson tried to frame her husband. She claimed he was  the one who sent those letters and she even went so far to set up dummy accounts in his name. What a psycho?

The ricin-laced letter’s never reached her intended targets, but it has still done harm to others. The ones who have been harmed by this whole ordeal are Richardson’s six children.

Now she will spend 18 years behind bars. #SMDH



I am now a believer of the Wendy Williams Spidey Sense. Wendy can smell drama and shade. On the R&B Divas reunion, Wendy hinted at the their being trouble in paradise for the R&B Diva Angie Stone and her beau/manager Ashanti.

Apparently Ashanti has been cheating and it just might be with multiple women. But a particular staff member for the TV One Franchise is being called the side chick. According to MadameNoire the staff was aware of Ashanti’s infidelities, but they are not  sure if it was with a staff member.

The TV biz is very small behind the scenes, right now the production team is protecting this particular staff member, but loyalty is not a worried that is often used on any TV set. It is a matter of time before someone gives this lady up, to the tabloids.

Not everybody can be Todd Tucker and marry a star of the show. I hope Angie finds peace and a better manager, because she is not where she should be in her career. I also hope that this staff member is being falsely accused, because this is a tough business. When one women is labeled as home-wrecker, it makes it hard for the women that are busting their behinds to stay in this business.

I guess Angie really did quit the show then. What do you think?



As we all expected the Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star Apollo Nida is going to jail, for the illegal activity he engaged in off the camera. What does this mean for the franchise? Well nothing, the show must go on. Sadly Apollo is just one person they do not have to cut a pay check for. If he actually get pays in the first place.

Unfortunately Apollo will be away in jail for 8 years. His children with is wife Phaedra will be pre-teens when he gets out. I am not sure if the RHOA franchise will last that long, but i surely hope it does. I want the world to see Phaedra Parks bounce back form this.

There have been reports that Phaedra has really been unbothered by Apollo’s legal troubles. What we do know is that Phaedra has signed her contract with BRAVO and she will be back for another season. Yay! Oh and that Kenya Moore has already expressed her views on Apollo’s sentencing.


Comedian Joan River’s is currently promoting her new book Diary of a Mad Diva, during her interview on CNN Joan had enough and left. The anchor said that Joan was mean in her comedy adn Joan said its not mean it’s funny. Life is tough , so if you can make someone laugh your giving them a little vacation. The anchor smiled and nodded her head and went on to the next question. I see your wearing fur on the cover, what about PETA. Joan says are your shoes leather. The anchor replies yes. THEN SHUT-UP says Joan. The comedian believed the interview was very negative and walked off camera.

The anchors name is Fredericka Whitfield, and I did not know who she was until now. So this little moment with Joan has made this Fredericka a household name for now.

Take a look at the interview.


I guess NeNe told us where to stick all of the rumors about her. ^^^

With all of the rumors being spread about NeNe Leakes status in the Real Housewives of Atlanta new season, NeNe has gotten really annoyed. Many speculate but they really don’t know the facts. Well NeNe tweets a message that should put all of the rumors to rest. Oh wait that would be the case in a perfect world, so since we live in the real world I am pretty sure this tweet will create even more rumors.


After reading this tweet here is what I took from it………. NeNe wants us all to shut up and stay out of her business. Which is actually funny, when you sign up for Reality TV you sign up for all types of attention, even unwanted attention.

I don’t think NeNe has quit the show. Only time will tell.


There is a saying that god will not give you more than you can handle. Hmmmm. When I see situations like Sherri Shepherds I wonder if those words have any meaning.

First Sherri’s estranged husband Sal files for divorce.Then Sal joins forces with and Sherri’s first husband (Jeffery’s father) and publicly bash her with accusations that she is a bad mother.

Second Sherri and The View are parting ways, which I don’t think is a bad thing. Sherri’s career will survive after The View. Although she has been there for a longtime, I’m pretty sure her departure from the show is bitter sweet for her. She obviously needs a break but of course it’s probably not easy to just walk away and not know what the future holds for you.

Now Sal wants child support for the surrogate child that has not been born yet. Sherri does not want custody of the child and does not want to pay child support for a kid that is not biologically hers. The child was created with Sal’s sperm and the surrogates mother’s egg. Sherri tried many times and could not get pregnant.

Also since being married Sal has not had a job, he has been living off of Sherri that whole time. Things that make you go hmmmmmmm. Sal came off as this ambitious tv industry guy, but turns out he is just a bum. Sal filed for divorce in California because they recognize surrogacy agreements. Sherri filed for divorce in New Jersey and they do not recognize surrogacy agreements. Lots of drama and this is only the beginning of the fight. The surrogate baby is due this month.

When Sherri gets through this storm I hope she can find a lot of things to laugh about.You never know she may make a who stand-up comedy routine about this whole ordeal.


The legendary director Spike Lee appeared on Bloomberg News and the opening of the segment rubbed him the wrong way. Do the right thing says the TV host. Why is Spike Lee using Kickstater to fund his film, when he has tons of money she implies. Well the educated Spike Lee decided to use his six minuted on the air to scold the uninformed TV host about her comments. Why would you open up like that asked Spike. Come on you know we are all about controversy here says the host.

If it is controversy they want, they definitely got it. Not cool Bloomberg News.


Social Media gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves, some really take it to the extreme with their expressions. TV host of  the Travel Channels Man V. Food Adam Richman went on an angry rant on Instagram and now he is paying for it. Richman began using the hashtag #thinspiration and  many followers were outraged. The followers believed that #thinspiration promotes bulima and anorexia. Richman highly disagreed. Being that Richman has lost 70 pound while hosting these food shows, so of course he felt that this was a great accomplishment. Losing weight when your job is to eat a lot is truly amazing. Sharing his transformation was supposed to be inspiring.

Here is where things went terribly wrong. Multiple followers voiced their opinions on #thinspiration which is a term used for pro-bulimic and pro-anorexic groups. I am not sure if Adam knew this, but all of the negative feedback from his followers set him off. He told some people they should commit suicide because no one will miss them, and he told other that their dad should have used a condom.

Well the big wigs at the travel channel have gotten word of this unfortunate incident and they have postponed the airing of Richman’s show Man V. Food. No word on when the show will air. Adam Richman’s Instagram page is now private as well.

Do you think this was the right thing to do? Should be cancelled for good?


 CORRECTION: In this post it may come off as I am  referring homelessness to being mentally disturbed. No way  am I trying to imply theses two unfortunate circumstances are related.  Just because your mentally disturbed that doesn’t mean your homeless and vice versa. I could have done this whole post over but I wanted to just leave it as it is and just explain. No one has complained about the post but I was just re-reading it and I was hoping no one thinks I have implied that these two issues are related. Thank you.


Morning talk show host Micheal Strahan had a rough morning on the set of Good Morning America. This was no joke. An obviously mentally disturbed man, demanded access inside of  ABC studios to kill Micheal Strahan. The man lunged at an ABC employees and started  waving a knife around.

This disturbed individual is actually a homeless 25 year old by the name if Andre Johnson. There have been so many cuts to mental health programs and homeless facilities. Many people who should be admitted into a facility for medical treatment are roaming the street. No one is safe. Luckily Andre was not able to perform this deadly act on Micheal Strahan or anyone else.

This is not the first time a talk show host has been threatened. A few weeks back Wendy Williams life was also threatened.

English: Wendy Williams in June 2005

English: Wendy Williams in June 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A crazed fan was able to slip through security on a few times and roam around the studio. I really do not know how this is possible, I used to work in this same studio and security is usually tight, you can’t even bring cellphones inside.

Well this fan demanded that he have some one on one time with Mrs. Williams. The cops were called and this looney tune was dealt with. Now Wendy walks around the studio with bodyguards and she continues to fear for her life. That is no way to live.



1INAMILLIONActress Zendaya Coleman was cast to play R&B singer Aaliyah in the Lifetime movie, about the singers life.

Many did not think Zendaya was the right person for the job. Although she had the looks and the singing and dancing talent the negative feedback was heavy. People were saying that Zendaya was not black enough. How rude!! Well Zendaya has now dropped out of the movie. With Aaliyah’s family threatening to stop production because they believe the platform is too small and many critics being very critical, the poor girl didn’t have a chance.

The Aaliyah movie is currently on hold.