Rapper and Actor 50 cent has found himself in front of another lawsuit. However this one is totally bogus. 50 is being sued by an author named Larry Johnson. Mr. Johnson is claiming that the rapper stole his idea, he claims to be the real creator of Power. Larry claims that he submitted his manuscript “Tribulation of a Ghetto Kid” to a Nikki Turner. Mrs. Turner is an employee for G-Unit books. I had no clue that such a company existed, lol. Anyway Johnson says Power was his idea not 50’s. Listen to this, lol. The author Mr. Johnson claims that his manuscript includes two drug dealers with goatees, lol. You can not make this stuff up. He also goes on to say that the drug dealers in his book were working on becoming legitimate business men. So he is suing 50 cent for $200 Million Dollars.  What a bunch of B.S.!!!!!!

I’m not sure where Mr. Johnson’s has been in the last 20 year, but almost ever story involving a drug dealer has the same story-line. Drug dealer gets rich, drug dealer  gets arrested, drug dealer wants to be a legitimate business man. It just happened that Power is equipped with some of today’s greatest writers and they are really good at creating drama on paper and making it come to life. Also Mr.Johnson must not be reading the credits for the show. 50 cent is an EP for the show, he is not the creator of the show. Do you really think this man could come up with this kind of show (no offense). I think it is really disrespectful to the creator of the show to come up with such rhetoric. Power is an exceptional show that 50 cent just has been blessed to be apart of. I really do not think that this lawsuit will go anywhere.

But this just might be a little sprinkle of Karma for the rapper. Get Rich or Die Trying right?



So the very outspoken talk show host Wendy Williams pissed off a whole bunch of folks when she said that Ariana Grande will forever looks like she is twelve.  Ariana’s fans are outraged and started the #cancelwendywilliamsshow  movement. The popstars fans believe that Wendy is body shaming and they want her to stop.

But hold up you millenial Ariana Grande fans, PUMP YOUR BREAKS! Wendy Williams will remain on the air, you know why? Because Wendy’s entire career is based on hard hitting gossip, that we love. (You know you love it) Sometimes Wendy can be very foul, but we can’t whine and bitch about it. Really just knock it off. All of this nonsense is uncalled for, where was the #Arianagrandeisnasty for licking donuts at a bakery and not purchasing them. Also the episode where Wendy said Ariana looks twelve years old aired in April. So you guys are too little too late.


It looks like the honeymoon is over for newly weds Jessica Castro and Ryan De Nino. These two were married at first sight on the FYI reality show. Although many fans of the show had lots of hope for this couple, these two are in a terrible state of their relationship. Jessica has gotten a restraining order against her husband Ryan. Allegedly Ryan has threatened to kill Jessica and her family. Whoa crazy psycho husband behavior is a major turn off and Jess wants out. The season finale aired last week and we all saw that the couple decided to stay married, but the truth is the couple is indeed still married but they have not lived together since the show ended. Threats can turn into promises and we do not condone that. Jess keep your head up girl and don’t go looking for love on television anymore.



Where the hell is the A-Team when you need them? It looks like Mr. T has had a change of heart and instead of pitying the fool he now pities the tool. Yes the actor and entertainer can now add contractor to his resume. Mr.T has been given a home improvement series on the DIY channel. ironically titled I Pity The Tool. Mr. T will travel from home to home with a team of designers to remodel the not so nice areas in peoples homes. Folks I hate reality TV, it ruins everything. Mr. T you are still on the A-Team. If this does not work out please go back to pitying the fools.


The 19 kids and counting Duggar clan have to find a new source of income. Their meal ticket has now been denied. TLC decided to part ways with the Duggars, due to the recent reports about the eldest brother Josh Duggar’s fetish with molesting young girls including some family members. While Josh does not deny the reports, he willingly admitted to his dark past and has apologized for  all he had done. After firing Mama June for dating a convicted sex offender, who allegedly molested her daughter in the past, TLC was not going to give the Duggar’s a pass. Child molestation is a disgusting act that just can never be forgiven. Well I hope the Duggar’s find their way through these dark times. I guess the saying one bad apple will ruin the bunch is definitely true in this case.


It looks like VH1’s Black Ink crew is in hot water. The tattoo company is being sued by a former customer. Loni Tate said she went into Black Ink to receive a tattoo and instead she got an infection. Tate claims that a Black Ink tattoo artist by the name of Kevin Cepeda did her tattoo in 2 days, however on the second day she appeared at the shop the tattoo gun was already set up in the room before she entered. Tate stated that the tattoo artist usually sets up the tattoo gun in front of the customer. Tate believes the artist used a dirty tattoo gun on her arm, after the tattoo was completed the customers arm started to burn. Which created an unbearable pain, the tattoo began to ooze. Tate and Black Ink will see their day in court soon. It looks like Caesar is going to have to pay up for this one.


We all know racism is alive and well, but did you think it was rearing its ugly head on the set of The Young and the Restless. Former soap star actress Victoria Rowell is suing CBS because she believes that they have not allowed her to come back on The Young and the Restless because she speaks out about the treatment of black actors in the Soap Opera industry. Rowell who is now 55 years old has been trying to get back onto the soap opera scene for 5 years, with no success. Rowell believes that she is being blackballed for having a voice. She believes that her advocacy to promote diversity on the screen has caused CBS to silence her character.

CBS released a statement…….

“We harbor no ill will toward Ms. Rowell, but we will vigorously defend this case.”

May the best act win.