Going to Harvard and winning an Emmy Award does not mean you don’t rob people. Well at least that is what the cops in Los Angeles think. During the Emmy weekend, television producer Charles Belk was detained for 6 hours. He was accused of robbing a bank. Police said he fit the description of a suspect in a recent robbery. Black and Bald are two very common characteristics that many men have. Belk was handcuffed and forced to sit on the curb while the police figure out if they got the right guy. He was embarrassed and disgusted.

Once released and cleared of all charges Belk expressed his feelings about the whole thing


It’s one of those things that you hear about, but never think it would happen to you.

On Friday afternoon, August 22nd around 5:20pm, while innocently walking by myself from a restaurant on Wilshire Blvd, to my car up LaCienega Blvd my freedom was taken from me by the Beverly Hills Police Department.

Within seconds, I was detained and told to sit on the curb of the very busy street, during rush hour traffic.

Within minutes, I was surrounded by 6 police cars, handcuffed very tightly, fully searched for weapons, and placed back on the curb.

Within an hour, I was transported to the Beverly Hills Police Headquarters, photographed, finger printed and put under a $100,000 bail and accused of armed bank robbery and accessory to robbery of a Citibank.

Within an evening, I was wrongly arrested, locked up, denied a phone call, denied explanation of charges against me, denied ever being read my rights, denied being able to speak to my lawyer for a lengthy time, and denied being told that my car had been impounded…..All because I was mis-indentified as the wrong “tall, bald head, black male,” … “fitting the description.”

I get that the Beverly Hills Police Department didn’t know at the time that I was a law abiding citizen of the community and that in my 51 years of existence, had never been handcuffed or arrested for any reason. All they saw, was someone fitting the description. Doesn’t matter if he’s a “Taye Diggs BLACK”, a “LL Cool J BLACK”, or “a Drake BLACK”

Police and community realtions have definitely seen better days. I am just happy that Mr. Belk is alive and well to tell his story. On the heels of the Ferguson, Missouri protest for the slain teenager Mike Brown, this recent profiling incident just proves that all police departments need to do better.


Karrueche Tran was a guest co-host on BET‘s 106&Park and in normal co-hosting fashion she read from a teleprompter. Well just when Karrueche thought she had everything down pact, she read a very distasteful joke about Beyonce and Jay-z‘s daughter Blue Ivy’s hair and the gates of to hell opened up.

During a segment called The Top 6 Things Blue Ivy Thought During The VMA’s , Karrueche says “I really did wake up like this, because my parents never comb my hair.” The 2 year old has been the butt of many hair jokes. There was even a petition created asking Beyonce to come Blue Ivy’s hair. (Which confirms how screwed up the world actually is.)Well needless to say, heads rolled over this ignorant joke. Since the airing of the show Karrueche has been getting death threats from Beyonce’s fans.

The President of music programming for BET Stephen Hill released a public statement, stating that it is not Karrueche’s fault she was just reading what a producer wrote. 106&Park is now on hiatus. There have been reports that a producer has been fired from the show for the unnecessary drama they have caused.

Bow Wow has stated that the show is on hiatus because he is taping for CSI. As we all know Bow Wow is one of the host for the music countdown show. We have seen plenty of  guest co-host come on and take over while the officials host are away doing other things. Show often take a hiatus but this is all too sudden. How convenient for BET to go on hiatus in the midst of a PR crisis.


An unarmed Black teen was gunned down in Ferguson, Missouri. As usual the media responds. Depending on what channel you watch, you will get one side of the story. Within in every broadcast one thing remains the same. The images that are chosen to air when a black man or woman is involved in a high profile incident does not reflect who that person is or was.
Mike Brown lied dead in the street, and the world heard Ferguson, Missouri’s cries. When the media aired the story the image on the left was used to represent Mike Brown the recent high school graduate. In the days of social media any picture could have been chosen but the man in a jersey with his fingers up was the ideal image for the media outlets. Now the picture on the right was already on Facebook. Same person, perfectly different feeling you get from each photo.
In light of this tragedy, #IFTHEGUNNEDMEDOWN was created to question how would the media portray you  if you were gunned down. Shortly after this social media revolution started, more details about the Mike Brown slaying have been revealed. This post is not about what Mike Brown did or did not do, this post is about the way the media portrays our slain black men and women. If they gunned you down, which one of your pictures would the news use?



Toyota‘s new commercial for their 2015 Sienna wagon has some people steaming mad. The company has posted a few Swagger Wagon commercials over the years, but this particular one features Busta Rhymes. I have viewed the commercial a few times and I think it’s funny. But please don’t tell Black Twitter that I said that.

In the commercial their is a white suburban family rapping about how cool the swagger wagon is and so on. Alright listen up mother fathers this one is about the swagger wagon says the little girl in the beginning of the video. The family then proceeds to rap about the vehicle and they do the famous Soulja Boy superman dance, the two step and the kids make it rain with coins. Oh thats not all the kids also jump out of bed in shiny red suits, like Mase and P. Diddy did back in the day. There is also a product placement for Sirius XM and their Hip Hop Nation radio station, before Busta Rhymes appears on the screen.

Some feel it’s making a mockery out of hip hop. WRONG!!!! Hip Hop had a stroke when Khia made My Neck, My Back, then had a heartache when Soulja Boy came out, it’s now on Life  Support thanks to songs like Versace and It Ain’t Nothing  To Cut That Bitch Off. Don’t get mad at Toyota for using Hip Hop’s foolishness to sell their cars.


Parks and Recreation actor Chris Pratt decided to take matters into his own hands on set. He was doing a nude scene but he was giving nude underwear to wear,Chris was not getting the right reaction from his co-star Amy Phoehler. As Chris expected Amy was super shocked and they got the shot. Chris’s improv and last minute decisicion to pull his snake out was beyond effective. He later was rep remanded for the some what funny act. Today he can laugh about it. Check out his interview with Seth Myer’s as he talks about what went down.


Attention all black actors if you ever dreamed of being in a Woody Allen production, I am sorry to inform you that you will have a better chance of winning some money on a lotto scratch off.

Famous yet controversial director Woody Allen says that won’t  hire a black actor unless the role requires one. Huh? That like saying Yes all of my best friends are black. During an interview with the New York Observer Woody was asked why black actors are not featured in his films. Well old Woody all of a sudden got very uncomfortable with the question.

“Not unless I write a story that requires it. You don’t hire people based on race. You hire people based on who is correct for the part. The implication is that I’m deliberately not hiring black actors, which is stupid. I cast only what’s right for the part. Race, friendship means nothing to me except who is right for the part.”

Woody then went on to say he is friendly with Spike Lee. Wow!

I personally do not care if Woody cast a black actors or not, there is new blood behind the scenes now and they are writing roles for everybody. If Mr. Allen thinks that his philosophy on hiring black actors is acceptable than so be it. We are talking about a man who had an affair then married his adopted daughter. So with the being said I am moving on………………….. NEXT!


Do you remember when Brandy appeared on the Oprah Show and told Oprah that she was married and pregnant? Well I do. I was a senior in high school and I came straight home to watch that episode, just because Brandy was going to be on it. Otherwise I would have been hanging out at green acres mall.

Any who!

Brandy lied on that episode. The singer was not more married than Shug Avery on The Color Purple. Well the world soon found out that she lied when her baby daddy came out publicly and admitted to not being married. Brandy really has a great PR team, because that incident went away rather quickly and the world forgot. Hmmmm but not Oprah. So Brandy appeared on a recent episode of Oprah’s Where Are They Nowand Oprah got a chance to ask the singer why did she lie. Brandy tearfully answered mama Oprah. She said being pregnant without being married was a sin and shunned upon at that time. Check out the video below to hear more.