Boy oh boy you never know what a person is capable of doing to someone else. TV Dad Stephen Collin’s warmed our hearts as the caring dad on 7th Heaven. Sadly Collin’s will no longer be know for his exceptional acting. Far more sinister acts will tarnish his career. The actor admitted to his wife and therapist that he is a child molester . Collin’s says he took advantage of under age girls several times. The girls ages range from 11 years old to 14 years old.

Collin’s can be heard on a audio recording admitting to molesting girls in the LA and NY areas. The actor believed that he was talking in a confidential setting, but this therapy session was actually taped. In California it is legal to tape a therapy session with out all parties knowing that you are doing so.  The NYPD is currently investigating Collin’s and has already flown to LA to interview Collin’s estranged wife actress Faye Grant.

Since the releasing of the tape Collins has been fired from Ted 2, and has lost his seat on the National Board of the Screen Actor’s Guild.

MY FINAL THOUGHT: The tape was created in 2012. We are now in 2014, I am not sure why we are hearing about this now. All of the victims of this crime should have been given some form of justice 2 years ago. Although Collin’s has been exposed, his victims have to relive this tragedy all over again. TMZ released the taped of the therapy session and they have protected the victims by not sharing their names. I just hope everyone else follows TMZ’s lead and continues to protect the victims. Collin’s is going to be dealt with in a proper matter, we don’t have to victimize the victims just to tell the story.


The word on the street is that Martin Lawrence‘s hit TV show Martin might be revived. The alleged new version of the series will not feature Tisha Campbell though. The singer Ashanti will play Gina Waters. I know the news makes you scratch your head or make the Scooby Doo face. How in the hell is this going to work. All of the characters has since aged, adding Ashanti makes no sense at all. Well folks stop your worrying because Martin will not be revived, the folks over at made the whole thing up. In the words of Martin Lawrence Damn! Damn! Damn!




Last Friday while standing on a long line to see a live taping of The View I was hoping I was going to see a wonderful show. Standing in the rain for an hour was a pain, but I would do anything for Whoopi. My BFF joined me and we made the best of it. When we were finally loaded inside we were greeted by some overly cheery staff members. For a second I thought I was at Disney World. We were given a bag of Chex mix popcorn and a bottle of apple juice. That popcorn was slamming!  Finally the show started and the ladies were great. Michael Strahan was a guest, which I still do not understand why. He was not promoting anything and he definitely didn’t tell us anything I didn’t know about him already. Well at least he looked nice, that man is handsome.  During the commercial break Rosie and Whoopi answered a few questions.  They were really cool. Anyway once the show was over I was telling my friend I like the chemistry the ladies have on the set. They seem to work well together.

IMG_20140925_163235 IMG_20140925_170501

So today when I heard that Rosie O’Donnell and Whoopi had an argument in front of the audience during the commercial break, I said no way. No WAY DID THESE HEFFA’S ARGUE AND I WAS NOT THERE TO SEE IT SO I COULD REPORT IT TO ALL OF YOU IMMEDIATELY. So here is what happened.

Whoopi was cuing Rosie that they had to go to a commercial break. Whoopi wears an ear piece so she can hear what they are saying in the control room. Rosie refuses to wear one. So as I was saying Whoopi was telling Rosie that they had to go to a commercial break and Rosie was cut off immediately. Instead of letting it go, Rosie decided to talk about it during the commercial break. Rosie told Whoopi that her feelings were hurt. Whoopi said this is not the time to talk about this. Rosie insist on talking about it,  then Whoopi said  Fuck it. I told you to leave it alone and you just won’t listen. I’m really sick of your shit.

What does this mean for the future of The View?


After all of the hoopla over the On The Run Special airing on HBO, a lot of you didn’t even watch it. I must admit, I did not watch the special either. Only because I switched my HBO for Showtime so I can catch up on my Californication . I was not going to pay for 2 premium channels. Sorry honey I don’t get paid to blog. I blog because I love talking about TV. Enough about me, lets get back to Jay and Bey. Also I saw most of the tour on Youtube in bits and pieces. The power couple should not panic. Their empire is still strong. Let this be a lesson to the both of them, they just are not going to turn everything they touch to gold. Better luck next time.




I reported earlier this month that FOX cancelled their new drama series Gang Related. I also stated that this was a bad idea. Well I am not alone. A group of fans have been voicing their opinion on this matter. I WANT GANG RELATED BACK. THEY WANT GANG RELATED BACK. WE WANT GANG RELATED BACK. Are the chants I hear in my head as I read each post from a Gang Related fan.

There is so much of the story left to tell. Is Javier dead? Will Chapel go after Lopez for the murder of his daughter Jessica? Will Lopez bring down the whole Acosta establishment? IS the Acosta  business doomed, because the brother Daniel and Carlos will soon go to war with each other? Come on FOX get your stuff together and green light this show for the next 3 seasons. Damn it does Vee have HIV? Will Kim continue to be bribed by the chinese gang or will he let all of his secrets out and sacrifice his sister while doing so? I have more questions for you FOX!!!!! Why are you doing this to us? You can not produce a phenomenal story and then take it away. Not cool at all. BRING BACK GANG RELATED NOW!!!!!


Whoever is reading this please go on Facebook and like the BRING GANG RELATED BACK FOR SEASON 2 PAGE

We need everyone’s support. If you can come together to sign a petition for Beyonce to comb her daughters hair (how rude), then you should definitely have the time to support this page.




The world gasped for breath when they saw that a woman by the name of Jasmine Tridevil claimed to pay $20,000 for a surgeon to  install a third boob on her body. She claims she got the surgery so she would be less attractive to men. LIES, LIES, LIES!! Thank goodness this was complete false.

Tridevil’s luggage was stolen and then recovered by the Tampa International Airport police department. In the suitcase the police found  a prosthetic breast. That’s right folks, the boob was literally a fake stick on.

But get this, is registered to a Alisha Hessler. Hessler looks just like the 3 titty lady, because she is her. Well Hessler has had  her eyes on making it to the big screen. She partially succeeded, her phony story made the news and plenty of media blogs. Bravo thrid boob lady you are now the biggest phony of the week.




Mayim Bailik aka Blossom has decided to give her opinion on the Disney film Frozen. Before I go into what the actree had to say, let me give you some background on the artist formally known ans Blossom. Mayim has a Ph.D and she is a neuroscience professor when she is not on the set. The lady is no dummy. So when she decided to give her harsh opinion on the Disney film Frozen, everyone suddenly thinks Mayim is a loud mouth dummy.


Here is what Mayim had to say about Frozen………on

Oh my gosh. I know, I’m about to lose more fans than when I declared myself a proud liberal Zionist during Operation Protective Edge.

Well, I have to speak the truth: My sons and I did not like “Frozen.”

When we first saw it, I thought it was just me who didn’t like it and I had to stop myself from audibly exclaiming, “What!?” when things did not make sense and I rolled my eyes a LOT and felt bad that they might be enjoying it and here I was, Scrooge-ing away. But then the truth came out. They didn’t like it. Phew. Dodged that bullet.

How did this come about? My best friend had “Frozen” on DVD and on a particularly bad parenting day that she witnessed (i.e. I may have told her I thought I was going to burn a fuse in my brain or have an aneurysm just trying to make it through the upcoming 24 hours), she urged me to just give myself a break and put on “Frozen” for my boys. So we watched it.

In true Mayim/Scrooge fashion, here are the things I disliked about “Frozen.” I should note that I don’t care for musicals really at all, so that was one strike against this movie in the first place, but I will leave the explanation of my disdain for musicals for another post.

Music aside, here are my three main issues:

1. Plot/Feminism?

Sure, it’s sort of hidden, but the search for a man/love/Prince is still the reigning plot line in the movie, as it is with pretty much all movies for young people which are animated. The sister’s desire to marry this guy she just met, and the other sister getting mad at her–we still have a plot about the identification of a woman being based on her desire and search to meet a man.

Of course, in general, in the Universe, heterosexual women tend to want to meet men and I am one of those women. My issue is not that. My issue is that this is a movie geared to small children who I don’t think need to be focusing on that as the main driving plot of a movie, especially when it’s not a literary or historically-based fairy tale. And these characters are young; certainly not old enough in my socially conservative opinion to be searching for mates!

I’ve had just enough already with this finding a man business in most every kids’ movie. Disney classics were all about this and look where it’s gotten us! Naked billboards of singers and women still not paid equal pay for equal work and ridiculous standards of beauty and body image and campaigns such as “Why I Don’t Need Feminism” and tons of other things proving we still have a ways to go.

Am I taking this all too seriously? Of course I am! That’s because I’m me!

2. Denoument/Male Bashing?

Denoument is French for the unfolding of a story–the final unraveling, as it were. What happens in “Frozen”? The Prince/hero turns out to be a scheming villain. He pretended to love her and then he double crosses her and she gets the lesson taught to her not to trust those nasty scheming conniving men. Because you know, men can’t be trusted? Meh.

I know, you’re confused by me. Yeah, take a number. First I claim to be a feminist and now I claim to be against male-bashing. That’s because feminism doesn’t equal male-bashing. And this movie isn’t empowering because it shows that a Prince is a jerk and should not have been trusted. That’s weird too. It’s just confusing.

All of the talk I’ve heard about “Frozen” revolves around how it goes against all the stereotypes of princess movies. And in some ways it does; it shows one sister trying to convince the other sister not to trust this guy she just met. Then the guy turns out to be a villain and the sisters need to rely on each other, using their love to transform and save them ultimately. It’s a lovely notion, but it was just not executed well at all in my opinion.

3. Women as Dolls?

OK, my biggest problem with this movie was the way the female characters are drawn and animated. The male characters look like cartoon men. They have some exaggerated features, sure. But by and large, they look like they have the proportions of human beings.

Not so with our lead ladies. They have ginormous eyes. Like really ridiculously big. Teeny-tiny ski slope noses. Exaggerated delicate ski sloppiness, actually. Barbie doll proportions of their bodies in general: tiny waists, ample busts, and huge heads. They look like dolls. They don’t look like the same species as the male characters even! What’s up with that?! My sons thought the females looked likeBRATZ dolls, truth be told. I kind of agree.

My loquacious almost 9-year-old Firstborn liked the snowman character, but that was about it. Little Man also liked the snowman and I think he enjoyed it at age 6 since I would argue that at age 6 kids don’t really get what’s going on; it’s all about the entertainment value of pretty shapes and colors moving on a screen that is hypnotizing.

I know everybody loved “Frozen” and that I am going to get so much hate for this. But I’m just keeping it real, yo. Or trying.

Obviously Mayim has a lot to say, but I do not think she should be penalized for having an opinion. Just because she is an actress that doesn’t mean she is not human. Mayim is a mom, actress, professor and role model to many. So give her a break already. Today on The View Rosie O’donell stated that she had a major problem with what Mayim had to say. I hope they invite Mayim to the set so they can duke it out, in a respectable manner of course.