So the very outspoken talk show host Wendy Williams pissed off a whole bunch of folks when she said that Ariana Grande will forever looks like she is twelve.  Ariana’s fans are outraged and started the #cancelwendywilliamsshow  movement. The popstars fans believe that Wendy is body shaming and they want her to stop.

But hold up you millenial Ariana Grande fans, PUMP YOUR BREAKS! Wendy Williams will remain on the air, you know why? Because Wendy’s entire career is based on hard hitting gossip, that we love. (You know you love it) Sometimes Wendy can be very foul, but we can’t whine and bitch about it. Really just knock it off. All of this nonsense is uncalled for, where was the #Arianagrandeisnasty for licking donuts at a bakery and not purchasing them. Also the episode where Wendy said Ariana looks twelve years old aired in April. So you guys are too little too late.


RHOA newly weds Todd and Kandi Burruss are expecting their first child together. If you watch the RHOA many would have assumed that this couple would never see this day. As Todd began to produce new tv shows for other networks, this took time from his relationship. Kandi fans were starting to get worried, but in reality TV fashion every situation is overly exaggerated and we fools who sit in front of the TV screen believe everything we see. This couple has been through some rough times, but  these two are doing just fine. Congrats!



Ice T and Coco are also expecting their first child together. Ice and Coco also have a new talk show on FOX. There is no better way to announce your pregnancy and the gender of your baby than on national television. Check out the clip below.





It looks like Rosie O’Donnell has decided to take a little time to enjoy the view on the unemployment line. The View co-host has decided to the leave the ABC daytime talk show. Rosie’s representatives have reported that the comedian is leaving the show to focus on her family. Unfortunately Rosie and her wife are have split up.

There have been many rumors that Rosie and Whoopi were not getting along. Then there were reports that the other Rosie was leaving the show, and after a one month hiatus Rosie Perez returned to the show. Looks like this show is playing musical chairs. This is Rosie O’Donnell’s second time leaving the show.

I hope Rosie finds happiness. I also hope the folks at The View get it together because their rating have been dropping and that damn show The Talk has reached the number one spot since The View has been going through changes.


After only four month the spicy Rosie Perez is leaving “The View“. I know that was fast right? Well many didn’t think that Rosie Perez joining the show was a good idea. While on the air show insiders have gossiped about Rosie and her performance. They say she is always messing up and can barely read from the teleprompter. I attended a taping of “The View” and Rosie was great. So those nay-sayers are wrong. Not everyone is going to be a great fit for a show that’s struggling in their ratings. Rosie is currently set to appear in another show, so don’t feel bad for her. The Rosie Show must go on, and its going to Broadway.


NO SURPRISE HERE! The Queen Latifah show has been cancelled. The shows rating were not doing so well. Although the Queen Latifah was allegedly the number one talk show last year. Many of Latifah’s African American fans were not feeling her talk show. The Queen we expected to see never showed up. Wait there was that one time she did a performance with Brandy, McLyte, and Yo Yo to reunite for the I wanna be down remix song. NO WE REALLY WERE NOT EXPECTING HER TO RAP. But the Queen Latifah we expected to see has flavor, hint her FLAVOR UNIT ENTERTAINMENT company. The Queen LAtifah that host this talk show was very bland  There were many things wrong with this show, but there is no need to throw salt on a wound. Although Queen’s show is over, she has not time to boo hoo over it. Queen Latifah’s production company FLAVOR UNIT has a production development contract with Centric. Remember Queen Latifah’s company produces the Vh1 drama series Single Ladies. The drama series will no longer air on Vh1, the new season will air on Centric. Oh and lets not forget to mention the Queen’s distribution deal with Netflix. All hail the QUeen , she has no time to cry over a little talk show, when she has an empire to rule.