How much do you love Kerry Washington‘s character Olivia Pope? If you want to dress like you can handle any scandal, you’re in luck. Kerry Washington has teamed up with retailer The Limited and costume designer Lyn Paolo to develop a new fashion line. The line will be inspired by the ABC show Scandal.

This collaboration is a big deal. It’s the first time The Limited has teamed up with Hollywood. Premiering in September you lovely ladies will be able to purchase outwear, tops, pants and jackets. I think I will be purchasing some pieces from this line. So when I go on an interview I will look like I can run the damn place.

Would you buy the Scandal clothes?


I’m so happy I went to CVS to stock up on my Kleenex tissues. I definitely needed them for the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy.

That damn Shonda Rhimes and her writing team always find a way to make me cry. Well let me tell you what happened. There was a huge disaster at the mall. So all the emergency room was flooded with patients. Dr. Christina Yang pops up and gets into action. Yang should be getting ready to leave, but she doesn’t know how to say good bye. Throughout the ciaos, Owen is looking for Christina. Meredith is trying to force Yang to leave and Bailey has her eyes on Yang’s board member seat. All of the other doctor’s have stuff going on but they will be back next season so I’m just going to focus on Meredith and Yang.

So Yang has a patient come in for heart surgery, while she is scrubbing in Meredith stops her. Yang yells “I have to finish something , everything feel like it’s not finished. ” Meredith grabs Yang’s hand and says it’s time to go. As they are walking out they see Dr. McDreamy and Yang says Goodbye and the hug. It was a little weird to see Yang show emotion towards others. She continues her hugging spree with Dr. Bailey and Dr. Burke. Dr. Yang also hires one of the residents to come and work with her. Looks like Yang is on a roll and she will board her plane on time to Switzerland. So Meredith pushes Yang in a cab and Yang and sees her patients heart has arrived. Yang says “I have to do the surgery.” Meredith says “no Dr. Pierce will do the surgery.” Yang just stares like a deer caught in headlights and Meredith says “what do you need an I love you or something. Well I love you. Call me when you get there.”

Just when we though Yang was gone she shows up and Meredith is wondering what the hell is wrong with her. Yang says “we are not finished yet.” They go into a room and dance their asses off to (LMAO they can’t dance, but they were having fun). Before Yang leaves she gives her some instructions to watch Owen and Alex. Then she says……….


Then Dr. Christina Yang is off to meet her next journey in life.


After a long hectic day. Dr. Pierce is sitting outside. Remember Dr. Pierce is Yang’s cover for the heart surgery. Oh the surgery went well.

Like I was saying, Dr. Pierce was sitting outside and Dr. Burke walks up and says something like do you know what you have gotten yourself into. This starts a conversation between the two of them. Dr. Pierce says “I was adopted and it took me a while to find my birth mother. She died but her name is all over this hospital. She was amazing.” Dr. Burke looks stunned and nervous. Oh Dr. Pierce is clearly bi-racial.

Dr. Burke says what was your mother’s name. Then she says Ellis Grey.

I know what your thinking. Dr. Pierce is Dr. Burke’s daughter. Remember Dr. Burke and Dr. Ellis Grey were lovers, for a longtime. Well Dr. Burke you are the father.OMG we have a black president and now we have a black Dr. Grey. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! That damn Dr. Ellis Grey put her baby up for adoption, but that was probably the best thing for her. Eliis had no emotion she was a tough unapproachable mom.

Next season can’t get here quick enough. I can’t wait.

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The genius Shonda Rhimes is at it again. She just inked an 8 figure deal with ABC. This deal will keep Shonda and her award winning programming with the network for 4 more years. That’s not all. Shonda has her own damn day. Thursday belongs to Shonda. This is the following line up for the fall 8pm-Grey’s Anatomy, 9pm-Scandal and 10pm-How To Get Away With Murder.

How To Get Away With Murder is a new drama series, that stars Viola Davis as a no nonsense criminal defense professor. Her go getter law students will do anything to be like her. She will pick 5 students to work in her law firm and they will become entangled in a murder plot. Damn this is going to be good.






After losing the Harper-Avery Award Dr. Christina Yang has decided to look for the next big thing. While on her journey Christina meets up with her past. Dr. Burke comes face to face with  Dr. Yang. Instead of excitement Yang is annoyed. Talk about getting over the love of your life.

Well Dr. Burke offers Dr. Yang the opportunity of a lifetime. Christina wonders what is this for, does he want her? Just when I thought my dreams were going to come true Shonda Rhymes tricks me again. DAMN IT!!! Dr. Burke says I don’t want you Christina. He shows her a picture of his wife and kids. OH GOD WHY!? My happy ending is ruined. I wanted Burke and Yang to walk off into the sunset together. OH WELL!

So back to the opportunity of a lifetime. Since leaving Dr. Yang behind in her wedding dress, Dr. Burke knew he owed her big time. He want to give her his hospital. What a gift!


Isaiah Washington did a phenomenal job. I truly hope this opens up more doors of opportunity for him. He has come a long way since his days in Spike Lee’s Crooklyn. THis man needs a leading role in a drama series like right now.


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Due to his recent troubles off camera, Columbus Short will not be returning to the hit ABC show SCANDAL. Short release a statement via his publicist.

“At this time I must confirm my exit from a show I’ve called home for 3 years, with what is the most talented ensemble on television today. I would like to first thank [creator] Shonda Rhimes for the opportunity to work with such an amazing cast. Thank you GLADIATORS, who have supported me throughout my entire career and of course to ABC and Shondaland for allowing me to play such a pivotal role in the Scandal series. I have enjoyed every single minute of it. Everything must come to an end and unfortunately the time has come for Harrison Wright to exit the canvas. I wish nothing but the best for Shonda, Kerry and the rest of the cast, who have become like a second family to me in such a short amount of time. For this, I will forever be grateful.”


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1. What the hell?

2. Will Fitz find out about what really happened to his son?

3. Is Columbus Short getting cut from the show?

4. Will Huck return to his family and leave Quinn in the dust?

5. Will Olivia and Jake make it official?

6. What does Sally Langston’s face look like when she finds out she loss the election?

7. Will Abby create her own team and destroy them all?

8. Will the vice president continue his affair with Mellie?

9. Will  Fitz turn into an alcoholic, now that he is stuck in the White House for 4 more years?

10. Is Mama Pope going to get out of the hole?

11. Is Poppa Pope a Pimp?

12. Who will be Poppa Pope’s love interest ?

13. Will Cyrus make them all pay?

14. Will David bring down B613 again?

15. When will Scandal return?

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Boom the bomb goes off!

Sally Langston stays at the wreckage to help the wounded. Not because she cares. Old Sally is going to put on the performance of a lifetime to gain the Presidency.

The media gives Fitz little air time and then completely cuts him off. The tv screens show Sally’s heroic performance.

Fitz is going to lose the race.

Well Poppa Pope survives the brutal stabbing from his estranged wife.

Huck and Quinn were caught screwing while Poppa Popes blood lies on the floor.

Mel’s secret is reviled, and Fitz feels for her. “I fought him ” say Mellie. “I know” says Fitz.

Then Fitz loses his son to bacterial meningitis. Yes people his son died. Due to this recent tragedy Fitz will win.

Mya Pope has killed the presidents son and I don’t think she is finished. Fitz wants her head.

Quinn found Hucks family and Huck freaked out.

Poppa Pope is in charge now and his mission is to kill Mya Pope.

He hasn’t gotten to her yet because she killed Adnan Salif. Harrison is pissed.

Olivia quits immediately.

Oh hell no Poppa Pope had a plan. He kiiled the presidents son and Adnan.

Fitz won the presidency. But Poppa Pope won the world.

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Oh Jimmy Kimmel we love you.
“Jimmy Kimmel Live” will air “Behind the Scandalabra on April 17,2014. On this “Scandal” themed episode he will interview the Queen herself Shonda Rhimes. We will also get behind the scene secrets and we will see bloopers from the show. I feel like a kid in the candy store. YES!!!!! I will be watching.

Remember the season finale of Scandal will air this Thursday, April 17, 2014.


 Scandal Finale Promo


Shonda Rhimes for PRESIDENT!!!! Every freaking week she knocks me out with these episodes. #IVEBEENSCANDALIZED

Ok so the show opens up with B613,  the Gladiators and the Fitz  crew going over the soon to be terrorist attack. Then they see this picture of this guy named Domonic. Fitz looks  at Cyrus and says oh no do we have to bring him in. Cyrus says yes. Next thing you know James Brown’s”I’ve got soul” comes on. While the music is playing a man is pimp walking into the gladiators office. Who is this pimp walker? It is the one and only Poppa Pope. He says “How can I be of service Mr. President”?

Poppa Pope starts discussing Momma Pope and her crew’s history. Meanwhile the Langston clan has somethings up their sleeves. They think they know that Mellie and Fitz son is not really Fitz’s son.  (Somebody call Paternity Court) Then this politician dies allegedly of a heart attack and Fitz and Langston prepare to attend the funeral. Not because they care, then really need the votes. The election is in 6 days. But wait there is still a bomb out there.

Huck finds this Dominic guy and  he claims to know nothing about where the bomb is. Olivia wants to know who this man is and Poppa Pope said this is the only man your mother ever loved. So then Poppa Pope kills him. Olivia is pissed at her dad, but she is a gladiator and she has a job to do. Her job is to protect the president and she does.

Huck and and Charlie are bickering over everything, but we all know it’s because they both love Quin. Well Huck wins. Quin and Huck have a steamy, rough sex scene in the parking lot.  While they get it on, Momma Pope walks pays them and confronts Poppa Pope.

Meanwhile Jake finds out why the Politician really died. Momma Pope killed him. She wanted to create the perfect disaster. Being that the politician is dead there will be a funeral and all of the political official will be there. Jake tells Cyrus and just when Cyrus is planning to tell the president he get an idea. He asks his assistant if Sally Langston left for the funeral yet. His assistant says yes and he asked Cyrus why? Cyrus casually replies with a “Ok , no reason”. Cyrus then walks to the presidents office knowing a bomb will soon be going and off ansdsays nothing. He asks the president to read over the eulogy to him, to kill some time.  DAMN CYRUS!!!!

Well Cyrus did say that he will WIN. Fitz will be in the white house for 4 more years. Well I guess Cyrus hasn’t changed a bit. He has lost James and now he is even more lethal than before. This are about to blow up!