Oh the wonderful land of television is always full of drama, isn’t it.

The reality gods are scrambling to fill spots on VH1’s Basketball Wives LA. because the star of the show Evelyn Lozada is not interested. The reality star was asked to appear on the show,, but it just wasn’t worth it to Evelyn anymore. She just had a baby and is happy living her off camera. The reality star is engaged to Carl Crawford and they had a beautiful baby boy.


VH1 also cancelled Hollywood Exes. The reality show was really stretching to keep the show interesting. Im mean come on R. Kelly‘s ex wife married a gold digging barber, Jose Canseco‘s ex is a racist who likes to date black men and Prince’s ex wife adopted a baby. Everyone else on the show was clearly on the show for show. Do you feel me? Good riddens to Hollywood Exes, looks like Atlanta Exes may still have some life left.

As if we didn’t see t his coming, post the Zendaya racist hair comment Kelly Osburne has decided to leave the E show Fashion Police. The co-host was not shy about her views on the controversy her co-host Giuliana Rancic created.Rancic said some not so nice things about Kelly’s friend Zendaya’s dreads, she referenced them to weed and a dirty person. Kelly was furious and did not want to be dragged onto Rancic’s stupid comments.

Well Rancic has sinced aplogized and Kelly has quit the show. That show will be cancelled soon. Sadly no one can carry that show like Joan Rivers. I don’t even watch the show anymore since Joan’s demise. Kelly was smart to leave the show.




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American Horror Story is no stranger to unexpected tragedies, but that’s all written in the story line. Horror has struck the cast when they found out their cast mate Ben Woolf who plays Meep passed away. The pint sized actor was hit by an SUV while walking on Hollywood Avenue, the side view mirror hit Ben on the head. He was taken to the hospital and four days later he passed away due to a stroke. The driver of the vehicle was not charged, because allegedly Ben was jaywalking. The police are calling this tragic incident an accident. Ben Woolfe was 34 years old.

America’s Next Top Model contestant Mirjana Puhar was found dead. The aspiring model was killed in a triple homicide  in a home in North Carolina. At just only 19 years old Mirjana appeared on 10 episodes of America’s Next Top Model and granted a few opportunities after her time on the show ended. The police believe the homicide was drug related. A suspect has been arrested for the murder. Tyra Banks released a statement on Twitter about Mirjana.

Trekkies all over the world are mourning the loss of Mr. Spock. Leonard Nimoy played Spock on the iconic show Star Trek. At 83 years old he lost his battle with Pulmonary Disease. His contributions to television will continue to live long and prosper.


The world  was introduced to Ahmad Real Givens when New York was looking for love on her own reality TV show I love NY. Real and his brother Chance who are famously known as the Stallionaires stood out the most from the rest of the dudes trying to win New York’s heart. Once the camera’s went dim the brothers continued on with their own reality TV shows , music and clothing line. During these major accolades and accomplishments Real was fighting a major  battle with cancer. Real’s life was stricken with stage 4 colon cancer. After routine chemotherapy Real seem to be recovering well, but sadly after a fall in January thigns turned for the worse for Real. He was bedridden and his speak and  vision were compromised. Real passed away at the tender age of 33. Please keep his family in your prayers.


Bruce Jenner seems to be the butt of lots of jokes for the past few years. Many questioned who wore the pants in his last relationship, due to his role in his marriage with Kris Jenner. Since the divorce, the tabloids have followed Bruce and suggested that the former Olympian was indeed starting to look like a woman.

Bruce is getting his own reality TV show,  the enter show will channel Bruce’s sex change. Everyone’s speculations were right. Mr Jenner will soon be Ms. Jenner. Allegedly Bruce had a family meeting and told the whole gang about his plans. Bruce has not publicly stated that he is going through a sex change. However an interview has been scheduled with Diane Sawyer to talk about the recent change of events.

Will you watch the change of life reality show?


This week was filled much with lots of drama in the TV world. Some people are headed to the unemployment line. These shows were cancelled.

The USA Network has cancelled the freshman comedy Benched. The shows story line channeled a once highly successful lawyer, who unfortunately was demoted to a public defender. I never watched it so I will not miss it.


Rumors have been stewing about the cancellation of  TV One’s R&B Divas Atlanta. The producers of the show have not yet cinfirmed this, they have stated that they are waiting on a decision from the network. They also stated that R&B Divas LA will premiere in February. If this show is cancelled I will not miss it, the story lines are reaching very far to keep our interest. Now I will say that Angie Stone should have her own show, after being publicly humiliated on the reunion show TV One owes her one to set the record straight.

FOX cancelled their new medical drama Red Band Society. Many viewers said the show was just depressing. The show was fulled from the air in November and that was the beginning of the end. There are still 3 unaired episode that need to be aired. For those of you who loved this drama you can watch the unaired episodes on FOX on January 31.

Before VH1’s Sorority Sisters aired there was outrage about this production being created. Mona Scott was in talks to create the reality show. However we hear that the production was taken over by another production company. Everything Mona touches lately seems like it turns to s*it. As I reported before this show was going to be nothing but a mess.

The Greek organizations community was outraged at the thought of such a show being created, then when the trailer was released and all hell broke loose. Petitions were started to get the show shut down, then when the show aired many sorority and fraternity brothers and sisters took their outrage to the doors of VH1’s headquaters and had a peaceful protest. The people have spoken and VH1 is finally listening. Sorority Sisters has been CANCELLED,YAY!!!!!!!!!!


Many were outraged when there were reports of VH1 and Mona Scott teaming together again to produce yet another show. Sadly the once highly respected music exec has turned into the Grinch who stole the black communities dignity. The Black Greek Organizations got together to protest the show. Loud chants and fellow Greek members picketing their signs in front of the VH1 office in NYC. #SAYNOTOMONASCOTT #VH1YOUKNOWBETTER #RESPECTOURSISTERS. Sadly VH1 does not plan on cancelling the show. Sorority Sisters ratings are doing very well, over 1.3 million people took the time to watch this mess and only 76,000 people signed a petition to shut the show down. The Black Greeks Organizations concerns have not fallen on deaf ears, because the NBA has decided to pull all of the Sorority Sisters advertisements from their rotation.

VH1 released a statement

There are currently no plans to change the series and it seems to be connecting with its audience….Due to the confidential nature of our agreements with our advertising partners, we never speak to specifics about clients and their media plans…But we do enjoy successful, long-term partnerships with our advertisers and are happy to honor any requests to move spots to other parts of our schedule.10885208_10152775993723241_7920874020348497527_n


DAMN, DAMN DAMN! Were my thoughts when I heard that VH1 wanted to create a reality show about the sorority sister lifestyle, I was pretty sure that this was not going to be a good for the highly respected sororities involved. Sadly there is always a dummy who is willing to get in front of the camera and make a fool out of themselves and bringing down a whole organization with them. Let’s give the producers a round of applause, because they are extremely good at what they do. TV Producer are good at finding the weakest links and getting them to create drama. The producers were able to pluck out some chickens to appear on this show. Sororities usually scream sisterhood, unity and empowerment. Sadly in the trailer you see none of those things. In the trailer all you see is a bunch of ratchet mess. How dare you VH1?

If you want to see this mess it premieres on December 15th.