Where the hell is the A-Team when you need them? It looks like Mr. T has had a change of heart and instead of pitying the fool he now pities the tool. Yes the actor and entertainer can now add contractor to his resume. Mr.T has been given a home improvement series on the DIY channel. ironically titled I Pity The Tool. Mr. T will travel from home to home with a team of designers to remodel the not so nice areas in peoples homes. Folks I hate reality TV, it ruins everything. Mr. T you are still on the A-Team. If this does not work out please go back to pitying the fools.


When I was first introduced to the Lil Kim brand I was walking down Jamaica Avenue in Queens NY and I saw a poster of a lady wearing a leopard bra and pantie set while swatting down. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing but I liked it. The words Lil Kim were posted above her head and all I could hear is my momma saying stop looking at that. I had to know who was this Lil Kim and what does she sound like, so when I tricked my mom into giving me money to buy shirt I bought a bootleg Lil Kim cassette tape instead. Once I put the tape in my walkman it was over, I was an instant LiL Kim fan. I have seen her go through many changes in her life and now she is working on claiming her title back. The rap Queen announced her new show as the Black Kardashian. Puffy is back in her life and her new album is in the works. The Queen Bee reality show has not been picked up yet, but I believe that won’t be for long.  Will you be watching.


Bruce Jenner seems to be the butt of lots of jokes for the past few years. Many questioned who wore the pants in his last relationship, due to his role in his marriage with Kris Jenner. Since the divorce, the tabloids have followed Bruce and suggested that the former Olympian was indeed starting to look like a woman.

Bruce is getting his own reality TV show,  the enter show will channel Bruce’s sex change. Everyone’s speculations were right. Mr Jenner will soon be Ms. Jenner. Allegedly Bruce had a family meeting and told the whole gang about his plans. Bruce has not publicly stated that he is going through a sex change. However an interview has been scheduled with Diane Sawyer to talk about the recent change of events.

Will you watch the change of life reality show?


WeTV has turned into the WE NEED MORE TV SHOWS Network. These mofo’s have decided to green light a show titled Sex Box. The show sounds pretty self explanatory right? Well 2 allegedly involved individuals has sex in a box and they they come out and talk about it. This is supposed to be couples therapy folks. Sex Box is suprisingly a hit tv show overseas and the WeTV network hopes it will be received the say way in the USA.

The premise of the show has parental groups calling FOUL. The PTC (Parental Television Council) has created a petition to have the show cancelled. PTC believes that is such a provocative show like Sex Box is aired on basic cable television this will just open doors for more extreme content to appear on basic cable. The PTC says if such a show has to be aired on television it should be on premium channels like HBO or SHOWTIME. So far the petition has not put a halt to the shows existence.  If the PTC doesn’t get their way, Sex Box will air on February 27th.

If Sex Box going to far? Will you watch it?


The TV God have spoken and they are giving us more more  more of what we like.

FOX has already renewed Gotham, Brooklyn  Nine-Nine and Empire.


Gotham is on my to-do list to watch. I have t make sure my three year old is away with grandma so I can binge watch  this one. Congrats on the renewal.

Sorry folks I have not watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine yet, but when I do I will definitely give my opinion on the show. But congrats to the cast and crew members on staying in production.

After only airing 2 episodes Empire has become a hit for FOX and they would be fools not to continue producing this gold mine. Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson back together again, this show is like Hustle and Flow revamped. Their are many story lines to follow, but they are all so worth it. Empire is juicy, gets your glasses ready and Go Sip on That. I love this show.

Good JOb FOX now all you need to do is bring back Gang Related and you will become my favorite channel to watch.


“I don’t like FOX’s new show, Red Band Society,” said no one EVER. Critics give the show a lot of flack because it’s unconventional, but it’s damn hard not to enjoy it. Unorthodox? Absolutely! But the fact that there is NOTHING like it happening anywhere else on television adds to the show’s charm. With all the repetitive themes on TV nowadays, Red Band Society is a much-needed breath of fresh air. If you’re like me, and so tired of the witches, werewolves, vampires, FBI agents, and all these damn medieval royal houses killing each other; RBS is the show for you.


I have to start out by saying that I had no real intention of tuning into this show because I’m not a big fan of FOX. (They’ve canceled every show I’ve ever liked after 1 or 2 season, except for GLEE.) However, did a great job shoving ads for the show down my throat as I checked out a Chris Brown video mix while doing some fall cleaning.  After every 2 videos there was a placement showing the highlights of the show, so I felt like I had already seen it. But, when 9 o’clock rolled around I turned to FOX and let me tell you, I was a glad I made that choice.

Set in SoCal near the Mexican border, the show follows the adventures of 6 youths of varying ages and ailments during their stay at a teaching hospital with long term care.

Red Band Society features a well-rounded cast of  Hollywood newbies and vets. Oscar award winner Octavia Spencer from The Help leads the cast as edgy Nurse Jackson. Her morning barista would fittingly refer to as the “Scary Bitch.” Type cast as the “angry black woman,” Spencer does a great job as the no-nonsense head nurse that tries to keep the teens’ mischief to a minimum.  The show’s eye candy comes in the form of Dr. McDreamy II- excuse me, *cough cough* Dr. McAndrew, played by Dave Annable best known for his roles on ABC shows 666 Park Avenue and Brothers and Sisters.


The main focus of the show are the sick teens who actually wear the Red Bands- Charlie, Leo, Jordi, Dash, Emma, and Kara; played by: Griffin Gluck, Charlie Rowe, Nolan Sotillo, Astro, Ciara Bravo, and Zoe Levin. Collectively, the teen cast has a wide variety of experience which includes minor features in films like Echo, Pirate Radio, The Way Way  Back, and Just Go With It, as well as voice acting performances in several children’s’ movies. Though they had prior minor features, the cast has major potential based on their performances in the show’s pilot last night.


Narrated by its youngest character Charlie, who is in a coma, we look on as the group tries to stay positive amongst their bad health. Though ill, they still manage to do normal teenage stuff, like go for joy rides, try to purchase beer and weed on the low, and have parties. The group shows us how to find a balance in life and take the good with the bad.

One of the many motivating one-liners from the pilot was a message from Charlie to Leo during his big surgery. – Luck isn’t getting what you want. It’s surviving what you don’t want.” Let that settle in for a minute. It’s a very touching statement that each of us can apply to our own lives.

In my opinion the true power of the show lies in the fact that, though there are differences present within the characters, they all have a common thread. Each of them is doing their best to survive despite the odds. As on lookers into their lives, we can’t help but appreciate our own lives, no matter how good or bad.

The tale of these teens is seen as source of inspiration for us to face our fears, find our true selves, and claim our place in the crazy world in which we live. And YES, this was all made apparent in the VERY FIRST EPISODE!!

Humorous, brilliantly written and chock full of life lessons, FOX definitely has a winner with Red Band Society. Though critics may have their gripes with the show, it’s going to be hard to get rid of this one. With Emmy award winning Margaret Nagle as the creator and the living legend Steven Spielberg as producer, this proactive dramedy has lots of promise. I’m looking forward to tuning in each week to see how the group is coming along.

The hospital, its staff, and its red band-wearing patients, are giving up a much-needed dose of hope, inspiration, and refreshment for all of us in TV Land. Be sure to tune in and jump on the “Red Band –Wagon” and #bandtogether Wednesday nights at 9pm on FOX.



By: Brittney Werts

Don’t Call It A Come Back

Even If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks I’m sure you’re still aware of the much anticipated and discussed arrival of Black Jesus. Last night at 11pm EST on Cartoon Network, Aaron McGruder made his return to late night television and stepped back into the spotlight of controversy. No stranger to ruffling feathers, self proclaimed “troubled maker” McGruder has taken his biggest strides to push envelopes and people’s buttons with the premiere of his newest satire- Black Jesus.

McGruders depictions of not only a modern day Jesus, but that of one of color is sure to make a few eyes roll. Trust me, that’s surely his intention. He did it for years with his series “The Boondocks”  on Adult Swim and is quite good at, so let that man live. His newest satirical creation will make you think about very rarely disscussed but prevalent, issues of race and religion in America.

Over 2000 years ago you could’ve caught him on the Mount of Olives performing miracles and pastoring to his 12 desciples. Nowadays, Black Jesus is “smoking, chilling, and drinking” in Southwest Compton with his homies. From turning water into “Yack”, being the getaway driver in a drug deal gone awry,  and offering up compassion, understanding and love for all man kind, Black Jesus does it all.

The premiere left me wanting more and wishing it was more than just 30 minutes. I can’t wait to see what happens in episode 2 when Black Jesus scouts out an area for a community garden on the wrong side of town.

Chock full of hilarious one liners, wacky situations, and a decent cast, the show as a whole is actually decent and tastefully done. If you don’t have an appreciation for tongue and cheek innuendo, or a sense of humor in general, please pray for one. If you’d rather turn your nose up, than enjoy the show, don’t worry,  Black Jesus, “still loves your b*tch a$$ by default.”

Tune in to catch Black Jesus in all his  controversial glory Thursday nights at 11pm on the Cartoon Network.