I know the rest of the Goodie Mob is pissed at Cee-Lo Green. Their band mate Cee-Lo is in major trouble and he recently plead no contest to giving a woman the drug ecstasy. This charge is a felony. The drama in his life has cost the group their reality show.

In this day and age when you are going through something , many just tweet about it. So the pop star decided now would be a great time to go on tweeting and ranting about the act of a rape. It’s not rape if the person is passed out. People who have really been raped remember. These are just a few of the irresponsible and stupid tweets that Mr. Green allegedly created.

In the midst of Cee-Lo’s legal matters, his reality show on TBS The Good Life has been pulled off of the air. The network says that the show had extremely low ratings, but after Cee-Lo’s twitter fiasco that took the cake.

Rape should not be taken lightly. GOSIPTV takes the subject matter of such an act very seriously. Although difficult to talk about, it needs to be addressed. Cee-Lo’s nonchalant tweets about rape and rape victims is disgusting. No many or woman should fall victim to such and act.  I think the networks decision to pull the show off of the air was fair and I pretty sure their will be even more hell to pay for those tasteless tweets.


It’s official the folk over at the FOX network has loss their damn minds. They canceled Gang Related . The folks at FX must not be the same folks at FOX. Whoever is in charge down their please get the folks at FX to save the FOX Network. FX is packed with great content and FOX just got rid of the best damn show they have on the network. Getting rid of Gang Related was a terrible idea. Besides Chef Ramsey, Gang Related was the only reason I would even turn it on the FOX channel. The acting on this show is phenomenal and the writing is outstanding. It is truly a pity they will  not be returning for a second season.

I need to know what the hell is going to happy with Detective Lopez. Will his Chapel find out about detective Lopez’s secret? Did Vee really contract HIV? Will the Metta’s get the Acosta’s back for accusing them of committing Chapel’s daughter’s murder? Was Carlos going to plot against his family while he pretends to still be paralyzed? Or was Daniel going to be a good crime boss or fold under pressure? Did Javier finally get what he deserved? Or did he survive the attack by the Metta’s and will he ask his lady friend in the  DA for some help?

I guess now I will have to find a way to bring this show back on the air. Hey CW needs to buy this show, because they are struggling over their and they could use some great content. Not cool FOX!!


High expectations were put in place for ABC’s new drama the Black Box. With the networks roster of hit dramas like Scandal the bar has been set really high. The Black Box unfortunately started out strong and quickly fell off the radar. Although it was filled with lots of drama.

The bi-polar neuroscientist already has a lot on her plate with her personal life. Then she saves mentally disturbed people from themselves. Sound like enough drama right? The Black Box’s main character also was so promiscuous, it just seemed unsettling. The show goes from 0 to 100 real quick.

ABC has pulled the plug on the mind rattling drama. Sometimes less is more.



I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But here is goes, Kristie has been cancelled.

The TV Land Comedy will not return for a second season. TV veterans Kristie Alley and Rhea Perlman, Micheal Richard and Eric Petersen just could not pull in the viewers. Was this show doomed form the start? Michael Richards is well know for playing Kramer on Seinfield, but he also has a gray cloud hanging over his head from is loud racial slur outburst he had during a stand-up comedy gig. Let’s just say the N-Word will kill your career if you are not a rapper.

Did you watch this show? Did you even know this show was in existence?


The Simpson’s will lose a major character on their show. The first episode of the Simpson’s 26th season is titled A Clown In The Dumps. Due to the very specific title everyone thinks it is going to be Krusty the Clown who will die.

Executive producer Al Jean will only tell us that the character who will be killed off is played by an Emmy award winning actor. This particular actor won their Emmy for playing the Simpson’s character. So that would break it down to the following characters Krusty the clown, Sideshow Bob, Bart, Lisa, Marge and Rabbi Hyman Krustofski (Krusty the clowns dad).

But that’s all the executive producer would say. Well my bets are on Krusty the Clown, his time is up.



I guess it’s out with the old and in with the new at FOX Sports. Veteran sportscaster Pam Oliver has been demoted and replaced by Erin Andrews for this coming football season. Just call Erin Mrs. Getouttheway, because she has the power to take ones job. First she snatches up Brooke Burke‘s co-host position with Dancing with the Stars and now Pam’s job. Why is Erin is such high demand? Who is she? I had no clue who she was until she appeared on Dancing with the Stars.

Pam is not too happy about ending her time as the sideline reporter. She really had plans for her 20th year on the field, although it’s over, her time with FOX Sports is not. Pam will be working on other productions for the network.

After giving FOX Sports almost 20 years, I hope the execs at FOX show Pam how much they appreciate her. Their producers better be planning an anniversary special. She deserves it. How many women last that long in a male dominated industry, such as sports broadcasting?



The none thing that sucks about being a child star is you have to grow up. Don’t grow up guys it’s a trap, your feeling and responsibilities get in the way. After all of behind the scene drama on the set of Nickelodeon’s Sam and Cat has been cancelled.

Stars of the show Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy’s gained lots of recognition thanks to this show (even though they have been working for Nickelodeon for years), but did you know that their first and only season consisted of 40 episodes. The schedule was grueling on all involved and cause tension behind the scenes. While all of this was happening McCurdy was dealing with her own scandal, while her co-star was becoming a pop singer.

Remember when some racy photos McCurdy was released and she was also receiving major criticism for having a black boyfriend. McCurdy then accused Nickelodeon of treating her unfairly. The production stopped. After the long hiatus Nickelodeon has decided to end the hit series. Check out the promo trailer for Sam and Cat. It’s really over guys.