Oh the wonderful land of television is always full of drama, isn’t it.

The reality gods are scrambling to fill spots on VH1’s Basketball Wives LA. because the star of the show Evelyn Lozada is not interested. The reality star was asked to appear on the show,, but it just wasn’t worth it to Evelyn anymore. She just had a baby and is happy living her off camera. The reality star is engaged to Carl Crawford and they had a beautiful baby boy.


VH1 also cancelled Hollywood Exes. The reality show was really stretching to keep the show interesting. Im mean come on R. Kelly‘s ex wife married a gold digging barber, Jose Canseco‘s ex is a racist who likes to date black men and Prince’s ex wife adopted a baby. Everyone else on the show was clearly on the show for show. Do you feel me? Good riddens to Hollywood Exes, looks like Atlanta Exes may still have some life left.

As if we didn’t see t his coming, post the Zendaya racist hair comment Kelly Osburne has decided to leave the E show Fashion Police. The co-host was not shy about her views on the controversy her co-host Giuliana Rancic created.Rancic said some not so nice things about Kelly’s friend Zendaya’s dreads, she referenced them to weed and a dirty person. Kelly was furious and did not want to be dragged onto Rancic’s stupid comments.

Well Rancic has sinced aplogized and Kelly has quit the show. That show will be cancelled soon. Sadly no one can carry that show like Joan Rivers. I don’t even watch the show anymore since Joan’s demise. Kelly was smart to leave the show.




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We all know racism is alive and well, but did you think it was rearing its ugly head on the set of The Young and the Restless. Former soap star actress Victoria Rowell is suing CBS because she believes that they have not allowed her to come back on The Young and the Restless because she speaks out about the treatment of black actors in the Soap Opera industry. Rowell who is now 55 years old has been trying to get back onto the soap opera scene for 5 years, with no success. Rowell believes that she is being blackballed for having a voice. She believes that her advocacy to promote diversity on the screen has caused CBS to silence her character.

CBS released a statement…….

“We harbor no ill will toward Ms. Rowell, but we will vigorously defend this case.”

May the best act win.


It looks like Rosie O’Donnell has decided to take a little time to enjoy the view on the unemployment line. The View co-host has decided to the leave the ABC daytime talk show. Rosie’s representatives have reported that the comedian is leaving the show to focus on her family. Unfortunately Rosie and her wife are have split up.

There have been many rumors that Rosie and Whoopi were not getting along. Then there were reports that the other Rosie was leaving the show, and after a one month hiatus Rosie Perez returned to the show. Looks like this show is playing musical chairs. This is Rosie O’Donnell’s second time leaving the show.

I hope Rosie finds happiness. I also hope the folks at The View get it together because their rating have been dropping and that damn show The Talk has reached the number one spot since The View has been going through changes.


This week was filled much with lots of drama in the TV world. Some people are headed to the unemployment line. These shows were cancelled.

The USA Network has cancelled the freshman comedy Benched. The shows story line channeled a once highly successful lawyer, who unfortunately was demoted to a public defender. I never watched it so I will not miss it.


Rumors have been stewing about the cancellation of  TV One’s R&B Divas Atlanta. The producers of the show have not yet cinfirmed this, they have stated that they are waiting on a decision from the network. They also stated that R&B Divas LA will premiere in February. If this show is cancelled I will not miss it, the story lines are reaching very far to keep our interest. Now I will say that Angie Stone should have her own show, after being publicly humiliated on the reunion show TV One owes her one to set the record straight.

FOX cancelled their new medical drama Red Band Society. Many viewers said the show was just depressing. The show was fulled from the air in November and that was the beginning of the end. There are still 3 unaired episode that need to be aired. For those of you who loved this drama you can watch the unaired episodes on FOX on January 31.

Before VH1’s Sorority Sisters aired there was outrage about this production being created. Mona Scott was in talks to create the reality show. However we hear that the production was taken over by another production company. Everything Mona touches lately seems like it turns to s*it. As I reported before this show was going to be nothing but a mess.

The Greek organizations community was outraged at the thought of such a show being created, then when the trailer was released and all hell broke loose. Petitions were started to get the show shut down, then when the show aired many sorority and fraternity brothers and sisters took their outrage to the doors of VH1’s headquaters and had a peaceful protest. The people have spoken and VH1 is finally listening. Sorority Sisters has been CANCELLED,YAY!!!!!!!!!!


After 14 years on the air, BET’s music countdown show 106 & Park will come to an end, but there is a catch. The show will no longer air on the television, they big wigs over at BET have decided to air the show digitally. What does this mean for the shows co-host Bow Wow and Keshia Chante? No word from them just yet. But I can see Keshia staying to host the digital show, but Bow Wow is way to good for that. He is a much bigger star and he can find better.



ABC has announced that they will not be ordering more episodes for their new comedy  Selfie. It looks like the social media driven comedy was not a trending topic. #notinterested The rating were too low for ABC’s comfort. Luckily the holidays are approaching and  nothing but holiday programming will air in Selfie’s time slot. Ouch!


It’s that time of the year today. A show you have invested your time in just might have been cancelled. Keep your fingers crossed…………………..

Fox cancels Utopia. People just weren’t watching it. Fox has pulled the show from their circulation completely. You have to go the website to see the live streaming footage. I personally didn’t watch the show because I am sick of FOX. They cancelled Gang Related and I have not forgiven them.

Lifetime cancels The Lottery and Witches of East End. The ratings just didn’t hit Lifetime’s expectations. The Lottery’s ratings started off poor and the Witches of East End saw a major drop in their ratings.

ABC cancels Manhattan Love Story. The sitcoms ratings started off poor and dropped down to pathetic. No one was watching.

NBC cancels Bad Judge and A to Z. Again rating were not good. Poor Kate Walsh she went from being on hit Shonda Rhimes shows to this. Yikes.

CBS cancels Unforgettable. After being cancelled and then revived CBS has pulled the plug on Unforgettable after 3 seasons. It was just time.