ABC‘S has decided to part ways with their new lifestyle talk show  FABLIFE. Since Tyra’s departure from the show the ratings are not so great. Tyra Bank’s not only served a a co-host on the show, she was also the executive producer of the show. Tyra left the show to devote more time to her cosmetic line, but when she left she the show, she took her vision for the show right along with her. So instead of ABC/Disney twiddling their thumbs thinking of what to do next with the show, they decided to pull the plug. Sorry guys FABLIFE’s freshman season will soon come to an end.





When Tyra Banks came up with an idea for a reality show 12 years ago, many didn’t think much of it. This ambitious pretty face continued to mold her idea into a TV show and eventually into a brand. America’s Next Top Model has graced our TV screens for 21 seasons and changed the lives of many of their contestants. Some Top Models stand out more than others, but they all can now say they were apart of America’s best reality show ever. ANTM has given a opportunity for the shy farm girl to become a Cover Girl, the inner city kid to walk the runway. Although filled with lots of unexpected drama from wanna be models fighting their way to be on top, while crying during the makeover process each contestant had a story. Let’s not forget the amazing judge panel, that seemed to always be a game of musical chair. Janice Dickinson, Nigel, Misses Jay, Andre Leon Talley and more have given their opinion on the results of the daily challenges. Which ultimately determined who would make it to the next challenge. Well  season 22 will be the final season of America’s Next Top Model. It is indeed the end of an era.


ATTENTION ALL OF MY FASHION QUEENS (OR WANNA BE FASHION QUEENS)! I am sad to announce that our late night guilty pleasure, Bravo’s Fashion Queens has been cancelled. So Miss Lawrence , Derek J and Bevy Smith all have to find a new place to share their opinions on celebrity garments. I think they had a good run. Originally they were supposed to only make 3 episodes, but we liked the trio so much the 3 days turned into 3 season. All good thing do come to an end HONEY!

I am assuming Miss Lawrence and Derek J will go back to hair styling the stars. I hear Bevy has joined forces with Mona Scott Young to create a podcast. I hope her podcast turns into a TV show. I would live to see Bevy on TV again.


IT’S TIME: Longtime E! news anchor Giuliana Rancic has decided to step away from her post, to pursue other ventures. The entertainment journalist has had a very tough year after facing tons of criticsm for her comment about Zendaya‘s hair, to the loss of her child via surrogate. Rancic reports the drama in celebrities lives, but it seems the tables have somewhat turned. Various E! have tweeted about Rancic’s weight, questioning why she is so skinny. Then many wondered if she was going to get the boot once Maria Menounos joined the network. Well Giuliana has decided now is the time to move one from the weekly E! News programs. She will remain co-host of Fashion Police and the E! Red Carpet specials. Guiliana will also work on her wine and clothing lines, and she will be executive producing a show for the Oxygen titled Rich in Faith.

FINALLY: The Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger has decided to leave the longtime Bravo show Millionaire Matchmaker. Eight seasons was enough for this lady and she is now moving on to new opportunities on a new network. Bravo wishes Patti well in all of her future endeavors. I’m pretty sure the crew was happy to see Patti go, rumor has it she is not so nice to work with.

DAMN IT: So now that the daytime talk show The View is doing good in ratings, the producers have decided to shake it up even more. A producer is often seen as a villian, but they  know when to get rid of the dead weight and when to bring in the fresh meat. Whoopi Goldberg announced that Raven Simone was joining The View full time. There are not that many seats around the table, so if you are not doing your part they will kick you too the curb to make room for someone else. #itsbusinesspeopleneverpersonal The producers did not believe that Nicole and Rosie voiced their opinion enough during hot topics. As we know Hot Topics is the meat and potatoes of the show, if they lose viewers during that first segment they are gone for good. Im so sad to see Rosie Perez go, but Nicole BYE GIRL.


The 19 kids and counting Duggar clan have to find a new source of income. Their meal ticket has now been denied. TLC decided to part ways with the Duggars, due to the recent reports about the eldest brother Josh Duggar’s fetish with molesting young girls including some family members. While Josh does not deny the reports, he willingly admitted to his dark past and has apologized for  all he had done. After firing Mama June for dating a convicted sex offender, who allegedly molested her daughter in the past, TLC was not going to give the Duggar’s a pass. Child molestation is a disgusting act that just can never be forgiven. Well I hope the Duggar’s find their way through these dark times. I guess the saying one bad apple will ruin the bunch is definitely true in this case.


Oh the wonderful land of television is always full of drama, isn’t it.

The reality gods are scrambling to fill spots on VH1’s Basketball Wives LA. because the star of the show Evelyn Lozada is not interested. The reality star was asked to appear on the show,, but it just wasn’t worth it to Evelyn anymore. She just had a baby and is happy living her off camera. The reality star is engaged to Carl Crawford and they had a beautiful baby boy.


VH1 also cancelled Hollywood Exes. The reality show was really stretching to keep the show interesting. Im mean come on R. Kelly‘s ex wife married a gold digging barber, Jose Canseco‘s ex is a racist who likes to date black men and Prince’s ex wife adopted a baby. Everyone else on the show was clearly on the show for show. Do you feel me? Good riddens to Hollywood Exes, looks like Atlanta Exes may still have some life left.

As if we didn’t see t his coming, post the Zendaya racist hair comment Kelly Osburne has decided to leave the E show Fashion Police. The co-host was not shy about her views on the controversy her co-host Giuliana Rancic created.Rancic said some not so nice things about Kelly’s friend Zendaya’s dreads, she referenced them to weed and a dirty person. Kelly was furious and did not want to be dragged onto Rancic’s stupid comments.

Well Rancic has sinced aplogized and Kelly has quit the show. That show will be cancelled soon. Sadly no one can carry that show like Joan Rivers. I don’t even watch the show anymore since Joan’s demise. Kelly was smart to leave the show.




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We all know racism is alive and well, but did you think it was rearing its ugly head on the set of The Young and the Restless. Former soap star actress Victoria Rowell is suing CBS because she believes that they have not allowed her to come back on The Young and the Restless because she speaks out about the treatment of black actors in the Soap Opera industry. Rowell who is now 55 years old has been trying to get back onto the soap opera scene for 5 years, with no success. Rowell believes that she is being blackballed for having a voice. She believes that her advocacy to promote diversity on the screen has caused CBS to silence her character.

CBS released a statement…….

“We harbor no ill will toward Ms. Rowell, but we will vigorously defend this case.”

May the best act win.